Books illustrated by
Dick Kulpa:

Miracle Fighter by John Wooten

Miracle Fighter by John Wooten with illustrations by Dick Kulpa(Kulpa: Four full page illustrations)

Ex- Deputy Sheriff Raymond Hicks' Blockbuster Expose

(Kulpa: Front and back cover)


(Kulpa: Fully illustrated)


(Kulpa: Front and Back Cover)

STARLETTE UNIVERSE: Li'l Lilly 'What A Babe'
Book 1

Lil Lilly Book 1 drawn by Dick Kulpa
(Kulpa: Fully Illustreated)


Book 2

Lil Lilly Christmas Present Book 2 Drawn by Dick Kulpa
(Kulpa: Fully Illustreated)

Book 3

Lil Lilly Birthday Present book 3 Drawn by Dick Kulpa
((Kulpa: Fully Illustreated -
On Sale September!)


A half-woman-half-horse in high heels? Li'l Lilly using her diaper as a (phew) slingshot? Get Dick Kulpa's latest illustrated book ON SALE NOW
"If you like being challenged with puns and wordplay, you'll love this delightful book by
auther punster Kathy Johnson. As far as the pretty pictures go, It's my best ever"
—Dick Kulpa

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Website home of Dick Kulpa! Publisher of CRACKED Magazine and former editor of Weekly World News.
Dick Kulpa's works have been syndicated internationally.

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CRACKED 357 cover

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Dick Kulpa meets Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk & Captain Cartoon

William Shatner Meets
Star Trek Newspaper
Artist Kulpa

Dick Kulpa meets Gene Roddenberry
I presented this set of original strips to Mr. Roddenberry in 1984
Dick Kulpa drawing Star Trek
Me at the Star Trek newspaper strip drawing board in 1983.

I'm still stunned that I got the rare opportunity to meet privately with Star Trek icon William Shatner at the Wizard World Comic Con in Fort Lauderdale this past week.

While such meetings are rarely approved by Mr. Shatner, I had an edge — as the illustrator of the 1983 Star Trek Newspaper comic strip, I had a "special gift" for Captain Kirk — and therefore — an edge!

It's not the first time something like this occured. In 1984 Gene Roddenberry was presented a similar gift — original art from the same newspaper strip — and graciously accepted it from me in person.

(Note: Several books about the newspaper strips have been published, the publishers should contact Dick Kulpa ( if they'd like links to these books posted here.)


See Dick Kulpa's Latest Project: GANGBUSTER™

Dick Kulpa Gangbuster comic page panel features JJ Abrams directing Gangbusterfemale action superhero Gangbuster Gal
Sample images drawn by Dick Kulpa from the GANGBUSTER™ Graphic Nove;. Click images to see full pages.


History Of Dick Kulpa's Political
: all the way back to his high school newspaper days in 1969

Cartoonist Dick Kulpa as ALDER-Man
Kulpa as "ALDER-Man"

Part 1: Birth of a Political Cartoonist

Part 2: Dick Kulpa Runs for Mayor

Part 3: Ald. Kulpa VS the Cops

Part 4: Rise of ALDER-MAN

Part 5: Dick Kulpa's Greatest Cartoon

One of Kulpa's final Double Eagle & Co. strips from the web comic crossover "Mayor's Race." Visit Michael Phelps' to view the entire series by both cartoonists.

animated comic strip

Santa Cries at Sandy Hook
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