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History of the 'Double Eagle & Co.' Comic Strip

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That's when I realized, "Hey, I can DO this." But reality called, and I shelved the strip for newly-secured "day-job" responsibilities.

But that was by no means the end! Various versions of "Double Eagle & Co." would appear in daily newspapers, political cartoons, magazines and more. One half-tab, 19-panel spread drawn overnight got the attention of Steven Spielberg -- well at least, an Amblin secretary.

Here's a drawing of my son's first's, uh...a 19-something Monte Carlo!

In what was undoubtedly its greatest payoff, the Double Eagle & Co. paved the way for eventual national newspaper syndication

quick sketch of Double EagleWarmup sketch at a caricature event.

Stay tuned as more strips, features and anecdotes are added — and some of these strips are actually funny!

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DOUBLE EAGLE & CO. Newspaper Comic Strip

photo of Dick Kulpa and the Double Eagle
Here I am with the Double Eagle, in my "corporate warrior" garb (figuratively speaking), prepared for just about anything as I fought to keep Cracked Magazine on newsstands. The fat lady has yet to sing as I continue to assemble information about this. I'm all ears, folks. As per this pic, there is, ehhh, another view....


1976 Newspaper Comic Strip Series

The Double Eagle returned to newspaper publication in 1976 when the Freeport (Illinois) Journal Standard picked it up — and paid money for it — for 9 months.
This run features the first appearance of "Officer Jaws," described as the feature's best character overall by newspaper editors. I expanded on the strip's characters to generate broader appeal and more humor opportunities, so the 1976 DE&Co. added a bowling team, a women's rights group (W.O.W.) and experimented with continuity story-telling.

But I still find it hard to believe I got away with this next strip
in a family newspaper . . .

Rachel Welch has nothing to worry about

bowling comic strip

car-zan Tarzan

The Double Eagle & Co. strips first appeared in 1971, and these panels appeared in the Loves Park (Illinois) Post. It's my very first DE&Co. gag, as well as my very first attempt at inking with a paint brush.

Comic strio from the double eagle's first run

More Double Eagle & Co. Comics

How the Double Eagle saved the space shuttleHere's a tear from a 1981 Double Eagle & Co. one-shot newspaper feature, drawn to commemorate the maiden launch of the space shuttle Columbia.

The vast majority of Americans may be unaware that the Double Eagle — by this time converted into a flying '60 Chevy — actually saved the shuttle from a Russian killer satellite lying in orbital wait. I felt this story needed to be told, so I drew the strip.

This feature appeared as a two-parter in the Loves Park Post, and if I can ever find the rest of it, I'll post it.

Years later I'd team up with famed comics writer Gerry Conway on another "save the shuttle" story for the syndicated Star Trek newspaper comic strip, but I'll save that for later. Did I manage to stick the Double Eagle into one of those Star Trek strips? That would not be easy, given its futuristic setting. But the answer is....YES!

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