History of the 'Double Eagle & Co.' Comic Strip

Saturn plant comic book

The Double Eagle played a prominent role in a comic book designed for the City of Loves Park, Illinois in its quest for the GM Saturn Plant facility, a big deal in 1985.
In this story the car morphs into a starship, and I stumbled across a unique way to portray the transformation.

The book generated immense interest from bigshots in Illinois and at GM, and actual GM execs appear in this comic book.

First cover Double Eagle comics

Upon completion of its 1975 run I
re-printed 48 strips into this newsprint comic book,the first of three editions.

More tidbits and items from this strip's immense history will be posted as time permits!

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Double Eagle after dark

Fluorescent stars on the Double Eagle shine brightly at night for a rather cool look.


DOUBLE EAGLE & CO. had Its Own
Dukes of Hazzard Moments!

Every year from the late 70's to the early 80's I'd get the opportunity to participate in our annual Loves Park Police & Businessmen race — on a NASCAR track! After the race I'd concoct a satire comic strip commentary about it. In 1984 I killed two birds with one stone and nailed the Illinois Secretary of State cops over DUI roadblocks. During one enforcement operation, I actually "crashed" the DUI checkpoint and passed out printed copies of this strip.

cadillac wins demolition derby
I never drove the Double Eagle in actual races, and I'd always depict my race car in the post-race satire comic strip.
I won the demolition derby with this Cadillac.


Double Eagle VS the Cops

Several cop characters were created, the first, Officer Joe King, and the second, a county cop affectionately called "Officer Jaws." "Jaws" was inspired by a big mouthed but height-challenged deputy whom I encountered when the Double Eagle was actually stolen back in 1976. The car was found rather quickly — 15 minutes — and I'm not sure why.

Officer Joe King and Officer Jaws

The comic strip shown below created major headlines when the local PD protested its subject. It became the most famous Double Eagle strip of the entire two-year series, and a rewritten version appeared in CAR-toons Magazine.

cops chasing donuts

Officer Jaws first appearance in the Double Eagle

ticket for sounding like car without muffler

BELOW: I was always "Under the Double Eagle." I don't believe this is what John Phillips Sousa had in mind when he wrote the song.

Under the Double Eagle

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