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This Double Eagle & Co. special feature was drawn overnight in 1981 to commemorate my first baby's birth.

Double Eagle comic strip special

Double Eagle cartoon special

officer jaws appears in the Double Eagle Special

first woman president of the U.S.

This special Double Eagle feature presentation appeared in the Loves Park, Illinois POST back in 1981, and was drawn as it was written (no script). Started at 10 PM, finished at 8 AM, ran it to the POST, then went to work.

Oddly enough, this Double Eagle feature narrowly missed appearing on national TV!

In 1985 I hand-colored an enlarged copy of this strip and "UPS'd" it to Amblin Productions, producer of the ongoing Amazing Stories TV show. (Talk about getting in through the back door!) Got a phone call a week later from Amblin — requesting a signed release. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled before anything could be done with it.

That's when it occurred to me: I was more "writer" than I was "artist," and on future cartoon projects, both local and national, I'd don an additional "story editor's hat". When I freelanced for CARtoons Magazine in the mid 80s, I always rewrote the endings to the stories assigned me — and all passed. (I had no idea these stories were written by its previous editor, one prior to then-editor Dennis Ellefson. The stories all lacked payoff punchlines!) Nonetheless I endeavored to perfect my art style. Not easy when, at the time, I'd get to do comic strips once, maybe twice, a year.

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